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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tin information: food packaging containers should have QS mark used for food packaging container is closely related to the life of the people, the food with the quality of the packaging container has a great influence on the health of the people. Therefore, tongzhou district of Beijing pledges inspect bureau attaches great importance to the area under its jurisdiction food packaging container enterprise supervision and inspection. The agency law enforcement officials said, use food packaging container is used for food in the container. According to the guangdong food use of packaging materials are divided into paper packaging materials ( Paper bags, paper cups, paper boxes, paper barrel, etc. ) And plastic packaging materials ( Plastic bags, plastic buckets, plastic cups, plastic boxes, plastic containers, etc. ) 。 Because food packaging container with direct contact with food, therefore, for the health food packaging container material indicators have special requirements. Paper must be food grade paper, without sundry, microbial indicators must meet the food hygienic requirements. Use plastic must be nontoxic and harmless food-grade polypropylene material. Manufacturing process, must be in line with food hygiene requirements, production personnel must hold health certificate, enter production site must change clothes, shoes, wear working cap, disinfection, washing, air shower. Production site must with rat guard, flykilling lamps. Product must be packed partition wall, ground, ventilation, moisture, sun protection, measures to prevent rain, etc. Tongzhou district of Beijing pledges inspect bureau warns customer, when buying or using food packaging container, did should observe the packagings used for food production license ( QS) And production license number, the outward appearance is in good condition, do you have any breakage, leakage or not, has no pollution. Products should be printed with the product name, specifications, standards, producer name and address.
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