Tin price is decided by what kind of factors? | FAQ | guangdong factory

by:Changda     2020-06-20
Affect tin price of cost factors mainly include the following: 1, the size of the tin, tin of its thickness is one of the important factors affect the price of tin. Because of tin box shape is round, shaped, square, rectangular tin, triangular, trapezoidal, and so on a variety of, so, each category of tin its thickness is different, the required amount of tinplate material, led directly to the price of iron boxes there are differences between the high and low costs. 2, tin production process also affects the price of tin, tin box packaging production need more working procedure, most can factory enterprises require craft simple, the price is relatively cheap. Under the condition of other factors such as in the same round tin can generally simpler than square tin box production, so generally round tin box will be more cheaper than square tin. 3, transport costs: tin is to transport to the customer the freight and factors that affect the price. Damage in the long distance transport freight expensive, in addition also causes up the cost of tin.
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