— — Tin printing process is what?

by:Changda     2020-06-21
Many clients often ask to see your website tins are already printed, have no printing tin? We want to be printed on your company's LOGO. Customers like this, our salesman would patiently tell customers, tin production process is to first print and then cut materials, such as the final form of tin oh, customers tend to take a tumble. And how did the tin printing process? Small make up today to solve the doubts in the heart to you! Tin printing process: image file ( Customers give the AI or coreldraw design drawings) → Film & rarr; The size of tin box open, The size of the lid, body and bottom) → Film complete & rarr; Answer sheet & rarr; Plate & rarr; Puzzle & rarr; Print & rarr; Development & rarr; Wash & rarr; Printing ( According to the sequence of CMYK printing) → High temperature baking & rarr; Oil ( Dumb light oil or oil) → Printing is complete. Tins are through these complex printing process to complete!
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