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by:Changda     2020-06-22
In recent years, with the change of people's consumption demand and consumption level of ascension, the consumer has higher requirement for the product packaging. Product packaging from tin box, box, wooden box, plastic boxes, baskets, etc. Compared with other materials, tin box with its unique advantages in many packaging material emerge: on the one hand, a variety of new and advanced ink printing process can be used on metal, while guarantee the printing surface gloss, also let the formation to be packaging products superior and other packaging materials; On the other hand, under the condition of the market price of the same, more high-grade tin box packaging, satisfy the public demand for gift packing grade. More importantly, tin box has the environmental protection performance, can be recycled, conforms to the people's demand for environmental protection. Believe every just joined packaging industry friends can print colors on the strange shape of tin box full of curiosity, how is the making process of the tin box? Tin tin box finally how to shape? Metal demo for you. Tin box shape looked at seems a copy, but in fact it's the whole production is not complicated. First you must know tin box is used in the production process of stamping technology, not cast. When you learned that tin tin boxes are made of a sheet of ping like paper plate through a special die stamping out, don't be surprised. Tin tin box packing are formed in this way. This involves the production of the term has: when do the cover: cutting, waxing, stamping, flash, edge, edge. Do box body are: cutting, cutting Angle, bent over, bone, edge, edge. Do with this from time to tome: open, waxing, bent over, stamping, flash, edge. Final combination box body, and with this, form the final tin box packaging.
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