Tin tin box customized don't understand these you went OUT

by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin case order need to know one, raw materials, raw materials are tinplate, grind arenaceous iron, galvanized iron, iron base board ( Commonly known as black iron) Use aluminum, etc. , sometimes. The most commonly used are tinplate, generally the thickness of the metal products co. , LTD. We often use a 0. 19 - 0. 35 mm, more than the thickness of the iron material can't do the printing. Grind arenaceous iron is commonly used, generally no printing products with frosted iron, not easy scratches, however, grind arenaceous iron will be more expensive. Galvanized iron is used commonly make iron drum, and other products that do not often use, thickness is commonly 0. 28 mm and 0. 30mm。 Four-color PRINTING, OFFSET PRINTING, OFFSET PRINTING, that is, government by red, yellow, blue and black four basic color, through the different proportion, PRINTING out all sorts of design. Generally, if there is no special requirement, quotation is four-color printing price. The color printing, 潘通色卡颜色) , this is a kind of special printing, not by four color printed, but specially tuned out the color of the general buyers can provide the color number, to compare pantone book printing to color. General printing printing color to the other charge and printing. White magnetic ( white lacquer) : will the entire tin all painted white. Printed white ( 白色印刷) Light oil ( 银漆) ; Gold oil ( 金漆) The light effect ( 闪亮的完成) Matte effect ( 粗面) Too dumb light seal: tin part of light oil, part of a dumb light oil in addition, there are some special effect, a rubber oil, pearl oil, oil, orange oil, explosion cracked oil etc, these effect the price is more expensive, less used. In short, in describing a tin box printing requirements, is a white magnetic, please indicate or white, is four color printing, still have the color, is light effect, or matte effect, also indicate the other side is too light oil or gold. Three, the shape and structure of the tin box shape: according to the shape characteristics to distinguish, general tank type such as rectangular cans, round cans, oval cans, anise, and some special-shaped cans, such as: hand holding tank, heart-shaped boxes, etc. Tin box from structure mainly can be divided into a pot, two pieces of pot and three cans. A tank: is composed of a single piece of iron, such as: tray epicranium, iron, furnace, etc. Two piece cans: by the lid and bottom, composed of two pieces of iron stamping. Please note that this two pieces of tank can't do is too high, generally no more than 40 - 50毫米。 The two cans of mould once, its length and width are can't change. Three cans: by cover, body, bottom of three parts. In two piece cans, although three cans of length and width can't change, but the height can be modified according to the requirements of the guests, can change high or short four 1, tin box commonly used terms. Two hinges: will the lid and bottom of the tin box together. Two hinges are divided into three types: wire hinge, window hinge, iron hinge. Three, open the window hinge the most simple and cheap, iron hinge the most complex and most expensive. 2. Gong bottom and the bottom of the buckle: gong bottom: flip outward at the bottom of the edge, bottom bag. The edge to at the bottom of the buckle base: flip, the bottom of the bag. Tip: gong at the bottom of the bottom and the bottom of the buckle height can be adjust to do. 3. Class a: refers to the small lid 4 steps. The neck line; Tank body protruding a line 5. Engraving: divided into 2 d engraving ( Plane carving) And 3 d engraving ( Three-dimensional carving) 。 More than 2 d engraving for LOGO, words, carved convex on the same horizontal line. 3 d carving for image, embody characters stereo feeling, is more vivid.
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