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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tin tin box information: the development history of tea tins & other Tea tins & throughout; 'Refers to a package of tea packaging category. Tea tins in English is: tea tin. “ 茶” On behalf of & other; Tea & throughout; Meaning, & other; tin” English translation: tin box, tin, tin cans, iron packing. Tea tins is still popular in the baidu search keywords, as long as in the baidu web search is a lot of tin box manufacturers, can factory information. Many web sites with tin or tea to represent the domain name. Tin box packaging in the 90 s, the rapid development in the pearl river delta island of domestic enterprises, represented by rapid rise, then no several printers. Can the domestic some places still use tin cans. The tin instability of supply and demand of domestic production. Domestic tinplate cans factory or less, the main business is to do foreign trade orders, exports of many. Domestic rapid development after 2000, high school class luxury goods demand, increasing packaging industry is also increasingly good momentum. Food packaging paper packaging can be widely, paperboard, handbags, cartons, paper boxes, wooden box, a wide range of packaging. Tin box? Domestic economic growth sharply in 2000, the domestic tea, moon cakes, health foods, gift industry developed quickly, also can be diversified, speaking of tin box packaging had to drive after the tea industry developed. Good economic momentum, americans pocket face also rich, buy some tea to drink. Tea since ancient times is a luxury. Tea packaging requirement is high, and now the tea packaging we are high-grade paper gift box, high-grade leather box, high-grade mold, their printing is very elegant, beautiful. Do you know it is a high grade goods. The development of the domestic food industry is a bull market, along with the development of the equipment is updated constantly, high-end imported printing machine is not now is the domestic advanced products. Paper printing machine and printing machine is big different, is completely opposite. Printing cost is higher, relative to the printing in the ninety s, there are many high-end printing machine and now change. The carton or just. Now the tin tin box packaging in food industry development has been an unprecedented grand market. Can how the enterprise basic inside the tea industry are useful to the tea tins packaging, not all the time in the 90 s or tape and paper box. Now not to tin box, tin wrapper classes do not belong to the big enterprise, of course, this is biased, but it's also a large proportion.
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