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by:Changda     2020-06-20
1, tea tin box tea market widely used manufacturing tin cans, tin cans. Square, cylindrical, shape, etc. , are covered with tin cans in the shape of a single, double cover cover two kinds. From point to the generally two kinds of seal, tea tin cans and seal can view. In packaging technology processing, sealed cans deoxidizer packaging method is used more commonly, to remove the inside of the packaging of oxygen, multi-purpose, inflatable sealed cans, vacuum packing. Practices have proved that metal cans of tea is better than that of the composite membrane protective packaging materials, looks beautiful, noble, exquisite design is more suitable for high-grade metal cans of tea packaging. In addition, its superior elongation, convenient external spraying, etc. , also create conditions across the tea tin. 2, cookie jar each cookie jar full of creativity, not only the external and the fine pattern photograph echo and poetry, but also highlights the full of thick biscuit tin, creativity. Not only need good cookie jar beautiful appearance, but also emphasizes the cultural connotation. 3, milk powder cans coating does not contain fluorescent whitening agent, and strictly control the free formaldehyde content of milk cans, and e. coli, waxy bacillus, staphylococcus aureus, and a series of technical support for the inspection, metal cans of milk powder and health security has been fully guarantee. 4, oil tank, oil tank than any other materials of excellent barrier property, carbamate resistance, moisture resistance, shading, fragrant sex is good, and reliable sealing, reliable protection products. 5, piggy bank, piggy bank, according to the different needs of various shapes, such as square pot, oval cans, round cans, horseshoe, trapezoidal, etc. , satisfy the needs of different customers, but also reflects the change in packaging container, in order to promote sales. 6, tin cans Christmas Christmas relative to other packaging container, such as plastic, glass, paper containers such as strength, good rigidity, not easy to break. 7, cosmetics tin tin printing performance; Bright and beautiful design trademark, the container will be prepared compelling is a very good sales package, and with good sealing, in order to promote the shelf life of products, in appearance, USES the production of tinplate, tinplate highly extension, you can easily change shape.
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