Tinplate box glazing and lithography

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Plate lithography In the complex multistage process of tinplate printing, tinplate lithography has the unique and beautiful function of replacing the paper label and, most importantly, preventing scratching. Full-color lithography is carried out using the powerful modern production lines of German manufacturer KBA-Metalprintgmbh (market leader in offset printing). At present, this is the industry production machinery equipment field the most outstanding technology. The 4 color production line provides high engraving efficiency and excellent printing quality. Plating titanium plate Tinplate light is a necessary process step before lithography. Varnish coating protects the exterior from corrosion and the interior from interaction between the packaging and the interior to provide complete sealing. One of the company's unique technical capabilities is tinplate point varnishes (gloss, matte, flash, crack, other types of varnishes). Combined with varnish to produce a unique and bright packaging appearance. Lithography and lighting for tinplate are produced with possible UV inks and varnishes, from the simplest inks to the large European PREMIUM and LUXURY inks. We are responsible for the quality of all materials used in metal packaging production, lithography and coating.
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