Tinplate Box Making—Innovative Ideas for Tin Box Packaging Design

by:Changda     2021-04-02
Innovative ideas for tin box packaging design

In many wedding banquets, cigarettes are taken out of a 20-stick cigarette box and placed on a small plate covered with red paper. The wedding banquet organizer often needs to buy many conventional stick cigarettes, one by one. Unpacking the big carton package, and then unpacking the small cigarette package box by box, it takes a lot of effort, so much packaging is also very wasteful, have the tobacco manufacturers ever thought that they can develop a special cigarette for wedding venues? Packing cigarettes in a large red iron box, and 800 cigarettes in an iron box. It has a festive atmosphere and fits the auspicious number eight in the eyes of the Chinese people. Buying a large iron box is basically enough. Generally used for wedding banquets of about 20 tables.

Innovating tin box packaging is not only for good-looking, but also for the function of broadening the way? Sichuan mustard mustard with large jars can only be sold in domestic pickle shops; it can be sold in Hong Kong after being changed to small jars; and after the mustard is packed in vacuum sachets in the form of chunks and silk, it can be sold abroad. The innovation of packaging materials, the preservation of freshness, and the improvement of transportation convenience often provide new opportunities for product development and market development. The specific points are as follows:

1. Incorporating cultural elements to show brand connotation

Culture is a continuous flow. It is the eternal vitality of the brand. The integration of culture into the brand and display at the end is an excellent way to show the connotation of the brand and improve the reputation of the brand. Reflecting cultural elements on the tin box packaging, the product also has a heavy cultural heritage, and this product is more able to withstand the bite of time.

2. Innovate the form of tin box packaging to meet different uses

The iron box packaging has many functions, such as protecting the product, making it easy to transport; making it easy to buy, carry, and enhance brand value. Well-designed tin box packaging creates more use value for consumers, and creates more sales and profits for producers.

3. Improve graphic design and use color to modify

The graphic design and color matching of the product tin box packaging is the leader in gaining consumers' attention. Exquisite graphic design, harmonious color matching, and refreshing product tin box packaging will inevitably jump into the eyes of consumers.

4. Supply necessary information to enhance brand level

The key to tin box packaging is to go deep into the core of the product, and to awaken a series of elements related to the brand, such as product culture, logo, text, color, shape, and pattern. The supply and performance of product information is very important, and the tin box packaging information is consistent with the product information. The design performance of brand name, logo and other information should reflect brand personality and distinctiveness as much as possible.

Nowadays, the role of product tin box packaging is not just a simple and easy to carry function. Good product tin box packaging can protect product attributes, spread brand connotation, enhance brand image, and quickly identify brands. Similarly, the words and colors of these tin boxes can play a role in publicity, beautify the products and increase sales promotion.

In short, the product tin box packaging is the 'silent promoter' of the end sales
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