Tinplate box packing -- guarantee of product quality

by:Changda     2020-06-16
Iron box packing is the guarantee of the quality of brand products. Due to its excellent tightness, shading, firmness and ductility, it is widely used in the packaging industry. It is a kind of internationally used packaging variety. It perfectly combines the strength and formability of iron with the corrosion resistance of tin, with corrosion resistance, non-toxicity and high ductility. Take food cans, for example. Many foods use empty cans coated inside. The cookie jar inside is highly resistant to corrosion and will not corrode contaminated food, and a small amount of iron will dissolve during the filling process. They are then attached to the shape of the iron in the hand, which can be absorbed by the body. For foods with low iron content, mooncake iron boxes can provide some iron, which is beneficial for the body to absorb. On the other hand, the appearance of moon cake tin boxes is more and more, while the packaging of moon cake tin boxes looks more superior, so the giver has a decent. Moon cake tin box can ensure the cleanliness of food, effectively ensure the quality of food, meet modern food safety needs. Tinplate is the preferred packaging material for tea packaging, coffee packaging, health products packaging, candy packaging, cigarette packaging, gift packaging and so on. The printed moon cake tin box with special food coating, non-toxic, can be used for moon cakes, chocolate and other reliable storage. Due to its special substance, the iron needed by the human body can be given to food, which has a more profound significance for the nutrition given by the tin head food. Tea quality is easily affected by external odor, moisture and other factors; How to solve these problems? Tea tin box made of tinplate is a good solution to these problems. Tea canisters are mainly made of tinplate. Its surface is covered with tin. Tin plating has strong corrosion resistance. The tin can be stored in a dry environment without damage to the tin coating, so that it can be preserved for 4-5 years. Therefore, the market more upscale tea mostly USES tinplate material packaging, its printing but general printing, can also use convex engraving, so that the packaging has a more three-dimensional sense, highlighting its higher quality. With the enrichment of chromium-plated iron, packaging products and technologies have been promoted, iron packaging is full of creativity. Due to its strong oxidation resistance and various shapes and delicate printing, tinplate box is favored by the majority of consumers. It is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging, tea packaging and so on. High strength, good molding and strong compatibility and other advantages in the market to create a good & LDquo; Word of mouth & throughout; , which determines that it has a wider coverage in the packaging industry, the market is popular packaging varieties.
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