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Tinplate boxes become a fashion trend for packaging

Tinplate boxes become a fashion trend for packaging


In recent years, the tinplate packaging has achieved a rapid development trend. Compared with other packing materials , the tinplate has its distinctive features, the application scope is slowly expanding, and it has been loved by many customers, becoming a favorite in the packaging industry.

Why is tinplate packaging a fashion trend for packaging?

Tinplate packaging has excellent barrier property, gas barrier property, water resistance, light blocking, and aroma retention compared to all other raw materials. Because of its tight sealing, it can maintain in good quality. Metal materials have good print performance ,can express your bright design and trademark. Packaging containers made in this way are attractive and profitable for good sales . The metal container can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as a circle, an ellipse, a square, a profile, a polygon, and etc. It not only satisfies the packaging requirements of different products, but also makes the packaging containers more diversified and has won the favor of consumers.

The tinplate has a good aesthetic. The tinplate itself contains a metallic texture, coupled with colorful graphic printing, which increases the aesthetics of the goods, and promotes the high level of packaging. When customers give gifts in promotional activities, they choose goods packed in metal cans.

Due to its unique characteristics, the tinplate box has been more and more popular with everyone, and many products have just begun to use iron box packaging. The tin layer on the surface of the tinplate promotes the excellent organic chemical reliability of the iron box, which is very good to block the contact of  the iron and the air, and prevent the iron box from rusting. Therefore, the tin layer on the surface of the iron box prevent the iron box from rusting.

However, tin also has inevitable shortcomings.

First of all, it fears heat, the melting point of tin is very low, and it is easy to melt in fire. Therefore, when the iron box is stored, high temperature combustion should be avoided, otherwise the tin layer will melt and the iron box will easily rust.

Secondly, tin fears cold too and loses ductility at minus 13 degrees. When the temperature drops to minus 30 degrees, the tin is ground into powder and loses the function of protecting the iron box.

Therefore, the iron box package cannot be stored at too low a temperature, otherwise it is prone to rust. Besides, tin has a relatively small hardness and is easily scratched.

In real life, we often see that when the iron box is scratched by a sharp object, the scratched part will soon rust. This is because the tin layer on the surface of the iron box is destroyed and loses the function of protecting the iron box, and the iron box is in contact with moisture in the air and undergoes an oxidation reaction.

The tinplate packaging is environmentally friendly. After the Mid-Autumn Festival last year, the news reported as the tinplate can be recycled, so it saves energy and eliminates environmental pollution. Even if it is scattered in the soil after rusting, it will not adversely affect the environment. Tinplate tin cans are also good for  health. They meet the requirements of food hygiene due to the use of safe inks.

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