Tinplate gravure printing ink must have the conditions | iron box information

by:Changda     2020-06-18

Tinplate, also known as tinplate, is corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, high strength and ductility, so it is widely used in the packaging industry. The packaging of goods is the appearance of the goods level, the level of appearance directly affects sales, how to improve the appearance of packaging level? The appearance level of the package cannot be separated from the printing of color ink, the quality of ink directly affects the overall decoration of the package (appearance level) effect. The following is a brief analysis of packaging tinplate gravure printing ink requirements: 1. Good liquidity, easy to fill into the plate roller mesh; 2. 2. It has good scraper suitability, that is, the scraper is easy to scrape off the printing ink on the surface of the plate; 3. Have enough cohesion; 4 to have a good transfer, overprint and viscoelasticity, that is, the version of the roller net hole ink is easy to transfer to the film, and easy to overprint on the front of the same color ink, and the image, text, line and dot is not easy to expand; 5. Good leveling property to ensure that it can be transferred to the film to form a smooth ink film; 6. Suitable drying, drying speed and printing speed should be appropriate enough; 7. With a certain degree of resolubility, to ensure that the net point does not transfer ink can redissolve into the ink system. 8. Ink safety (non-toxic).

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