Tinplate metal box

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Most products can be customized in metal packaging. For retail, wholesale, commercial or industrial purposes, this durable and reusable material can be made into economical or luxurious packaging as required. In smaller production runs, aluminum sheets, steel, or brass are molded or bent to form the desired specifications. In addition, if the full-color pattern can be duplicated, screen printing, embossing, etching, dye sublimation printing and other processes can be used to create the brand logo. Promolyte is a very useful metal substrate, ideal for converting to menu covers, files, boxes, and presentation boxes. A multilayer substrate with a polypropylene center can be etched from an external metal layer, allowing the internal plastic core to be converted to a different format as a hinge. Tinplate is a more useful material for medium scale production and can be pressed, shaped and bent in a variety of ways. In more than 3,000 or more large-scale operations, the edges and corners of the structure can provide more tactile detail and necessary modifications. These formats can also be lithographed on flat plates or printed with complex designs before the packaging is stamped; Tinplate material into packaging also has more advantages: 1. Better rigidity, compared with other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, paper containers are more intense, not easy to break, can be used as sample packaging, can also be used as heavy transport packaging containers. 2. Barrier advantage: Tin can is better than any other material barrier, fire resistance, moisture resistance, shading, fragrance protection, and reliable sealing, reliable protection of goods. The production equipment is complete, the production capacity is high: the tin can production history is long, the craft is mature, the production equipment is complete, the production capacity is strong, can satisfy all goods packaging needs. 4. Different color patterns: The printing function of metal materials, bright and elegant image brand, the resulting packaging container is a kind of high-quality agent packaging. 5. Various shapes: various shapes of tin can be made according to different requirements, such as square can, oval can, round can, horseshoe can, trapezoid, etc., to meet the requirements of different goods packaging, packaging containers more diverse. 6. Recyclable
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