Tinplate metal packaging design is becoming more

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Metal packaging design is becoming more and more popular Tin cans, tin cans and even aluminum cans are becoming the new trend in brand packaging creation and functionality. Metal packing. Some brands have proposed structural features to improve packaging convenience, portability and product delivery. The shape of the package chosen by others can not only improve the function, but also enhance the brand image. Metal packing is becoming more and more popular in our daily life. Because the packaging structure and graphics provide excellent design. At present, Shangzhimei packaging company for domestic and foreign beverage, tea, food companies to provide tinplate (tin-plated steel) packaging. These products can be used in jars of various shapes, diameters and heights, but. In general, beverage brands will choose the cylindrical, food brands will mostly choose the rectangular form of packaging. We are also able to design irregular shaped jars and custom packaging using unique decorative finishes to provide a unique look and feel on store shelves. Metal-packed product protection: Protects the product from the effects of light and oxygen and is attractive to processors of sensitive products such as tea. Compared with glass, metal packing is lighter to transport and less likely to break. 2. Profiled packaging The desire for bespoke tinplate shapes is not limited to food companies. The unique shape of the brand's packaging distinguishes it from traditional aluminum beverage cans. Young consumers are a particular focus of the new cans. & other; Millennials are more willing to try new things and have more brands overall. They are more willing to change; They prefer to accept new products, so it's a way of promoting sales The idea of using the shape of a can to represent the brand is part of the brand's long-term plan, and consumers will be impressed by the brand if they see a can in a novel shape. Our corporate design team is working to create 'structural integrity' services that address the different needs of different customers. In this year, for the domestic and overseas markets, the Beauty of the packaging produced more than 10 sets of iron box mold, launched a new type of iron box, tin. In March, the company distributed 500,000 50*50*60mm tea canisters all over the country. The initial customer response was very good. People have been looking for packaging to do more for the product experience. In addition, the company will launch its own version of such packaging - octagonal tin, the box type for market testing. The new box is in line with the current trend of packaging design and will be available nationwide by the end of April 2020. 3. The package is beautiful and practical Metal packaging is finding more applications in other product categories. For example, colorful aluminum cans of Coke. This bottle shape combines the best of bottle and can for wide drinking, resealable screw cap without fear of rupture. Drinks cool faster in lightweight cans; Easy to recycle. In particular, POTS with really beautiful graphics exude this delicate feeling; Can make home adornment thing. Now that thin cans are becoming more popular, the unconventional look and great graphics of the packaging can once again help the brand stand out.
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