Tinplate packaging advantages of | iron box information

by:Changda     2020-06-16
Among those who prefer metal (tinplate) packaging, the most important is the food industry, especially the canning industry. The use of metal packaging can ensure correct and efficient food preservation process. From rapid production capacity to the possibility of easy transport, metal food canisters and caps have many advantages. Food packed in metal packaging does not need any additives. Foods packed in metal do not lose their nutritional properties and retain their original taste for a long time. The metal packing is light in weight and high in resistance. Metal packing can resist physical shock. As a result, metal packaging has lower storage, loading and transportation costs. The use of multicolor printing has increased the preference for metal packaging, thus supporting marketing campaigns for food. Can produce almost any size and form of metal packaging, so that food can be packed in the required weight. Metal packaging can be sealed and heat-treated to produce sterile food. Foods filled with metal packaging have a longer shelf life (at least two years).
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