Tinplate packaging manufacturing process | iron

by:Changda     2020-06-18
Tinplate packaging has become the development trend of packaging industry in the next few years. Since 2016, domestic research institutions and universities have been increasing their research momentum on metal packaging, and more time and energy have been invested in the research on metal packaging. For the whole metal packaging industry, Green & throughout; Tinplate packaging will become the mainstream, it has: recycling, corrosion prevention, material coating safety, packaging container sealing air tightness good; With the continuous reform and innovation of metal packaging process, tinplate packaging will be widely used. The beauty of the following packaging for you to introduce the tinplate box production process, convenient for you to have a simple understanding of the process of iron box. 1. Micro-crimping technology Traditionally, the width of the edge of the coil seal is 2.7-3.1mm, and the overlap length is more than 1.0mm, while the width of the edge of the micro coil seal is less than 2.7mm, and the overlap length is less than 0.76mm. At present, the technology of micro roll seal is still in the research and development stage in China. 2. Lightweight thin-walled, improve recovery efficiency. Two cans and three cans, the same, has achieved standardized large-scale mass production, demand is very large. Therefore, it is also an inevitable trend to lighten thin-walled materials, improve recycling efficiency and thus save raw materials, reduce paint use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 3. Can washing technology With the variety of canned drinks and food, higher requirements have been put forward for the cleanliness of cans before filling. From the perspective of rational utilization of resources, energy conservation, emission reduction and production efficiency, traditional RO washing tank technology will be gradually replaced by new ionized gas washing tank and ozone fumigation technology with the upgrading of products and production capacity in the near future.
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