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by:Changda     2020-06-20
A lot of buyers have such problems, custom tinplate cans before the Internet a lot of company information, Taiwan's offer, the results found after custom back or to be taken in by manufacturer, or quality is bad, or it's expensive. Nowadays is tinplate cans shopping season, how to avoid the tin case manufacturer tricks to buy good quality and competitive prices become the main concern of buyers. We have learned, at present many domestic tin purchasers in the face of the supplier's bid for the first time, under the condition of not familiar with the situation, like the middle bargaining, or a fixed price cut 8 fold. It is very wrong, at the time of purchasing bargaining is necessary, but have you ever thought after bargaining hidden trouble. A lot of small processing plants or small factory to be able to accept buyers bargaining, but iron is implausible. Actually iron material market is very transparent, the better the purchaser is not to say that the more bargaining, but based on the understanding of the market, don't bargain. Engaged in tin can purchase all know for a long time, at the time of custom tins often care about is the mould first, if you have mold all to say, if there is no mold in case you'll have to face the open mold, the cost of the mould opening tins actually the prices are not too big difference between suppliers. The key number really is. Tin industry is generally set the minimum quantity, often because of the particularity of the industry, for example say is do 1000 4000 tin tin printing cost and do the cost of printing is the same, the more so when the number of youth, tin, the higher the price, do tin less affordable. General manufacturer will be from the perspective of buyers, let buyers increase purchase quantity. Sometimes a lot of buyers after several quotation you can find some factory to quote the price is quite low, crossed the chose, the real hidden troubles. Material is divided into levels of iron, import level is the best, actually bigger tin supplier is not to say that can't hold down prices, such as metal products co. , LTD. , the price can be given to a small factory offer, the key is not willing to, its reason is responsible attitude. Low price is not necessarily the best, the price is low, its iron material must be problems, buyers can don't see any problem when inspection, but after the buy back? Tin after purchasing back packaged foods or other things may be put on hold for a period of time, and then make it after the goods to the customer and have a process, trouble came, now may find one morning to open the doors of the warehouse don't know when the purchase has already rusty tins back, do you still dare to such goods sold to consumers, destroyed your brand value, and the reason is that at the beginning of low-cost purchase inferior tin can, so the boss can not fire you? In fact this is also not willing to lower their quality of tin, they stand in customer's position to consider is the client's brand image and value, hope to establish a long-term cooperation and trust. Finally remind purchasing, tin tin quality directly affect the value of their products, the company's brand image, to understand the market, or field trips to lock buy object of investigation, don't covet petty gain and ruin the big picture.
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