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by:Changda     2020-06-17
1. Package character illustrations Candy this food, is to bring people relaxed, casual, pleasant feeling, so, it requires its packaging can give people a relaxed and pleasant feeling. The interestingness of the package can be reflected in the visual design, structure and opening mode of the package, so that the audience can enjoy the delicious food and also feel the interactive feeling brought by it. This candy adopts a novel packaging method. Although there is no novelty in its opening method, its visual effect brings a big surprise to people. Several cartoon characters with different expressions, genders and costumes are vividly printed on the candy packaging. At the moment when the packaging is unscrewed, the realistic characters' expressions on the packaging become humorous and funny. The exaggerated expression effect is combined with the most traditional kink packaging skillfully, which greatly increases its interest. It can be seen that the image in real life is isomorphic to the packaging design. Through clever design conception, the reasonable arrangement of position, size and proportion in the packaging design conforms to the principles of formal beauty. The static placement in the current period is a state, and when the packaging users participate in it, it can bring unique use experience. In addition to the visual exaggeration, some packages are designed to be interesting in structure. The iron box package design (as shown in the picture) is interesting in the way of opening and visual elements. The package is arm-in-arm box. Cartoon characters are displayed on the box, so that the audience can feel the fun of interaction both physically and psychologically. 2. Use of packaging colors When consumers look at goods, their first visual impression is the feeling of color. Color has strong visual impact, and at the same time, it is easy to cause people's psychological changes and emotional response. Therefore, designers should make use of this effect to target the characteristics of candy, so that illustration can quickly catch consumers' eyes in the color of candy packaging design, and attract consumers' attention with the personalized color. Therefore, once the colors in the illustration are combined with the candy packaging design, the brand image color of the candy will be formed in the minds of consumers, thus attracting the attention of consumers, promoting the differentiation of the candy and helping the brand candy Stand out from the competition. Consumers will buy products because they like strange, funny or cute candy wrappers
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