to sauna or not to sauna - that is the question

by:Changda     2020-06-13
Do you want to have a sauna?
Is it really going to do you any good?
Not expensive?
Very good question.
The bottom line is-
Do you want to make yourself feel better and provide a healthy and beneficial experience to your body?
If your answer to the last question is yes, then come up with a book and plan on sauna and start doing some research.
If you don\'t know some history, you won\'t be able to really understand what a sauna is or what it can do for you, and some of the benefits that a sauna can bring.
You will also need to know something about the types of saunas on the market and how you can build your own sauna (
You are convenient to the devil you)
Or assemble one yourself.
Some friends and some beer).
Finnish immigrants began to settle in the United States, first building sauna and then building houses.
They clearly have their priorities.
Sauna is warm, relaxed, as a \"place\" for family socializing, and most importantly, because of the high temperature, open the pores of the body and discharge the \"bad\" things in the body.
A sauna is also used to take care of patients.
Of course, over the years, saunas have evolved from a wood-fueled sauna to an electric sauna, an infrared sauna, and a variety of combinations between the two.
From the most basic-
Hot, humidity, benches, heaters, buckets and spoons in modern high-tech sauna with etched glass doors, sound systems and a variety of other \"must-have\" sauna accessories.
What are the health benefits of sauna?
Sweating has three things for us.
Remove waste from the body, adjust our body temperature and keep our skin clean and soft. During a 15-
A minute of sauna, about a liter of sweat is lost from your body.
Sweat is known to eliminate waste in the body.
This is definitely one of the main health benefits of the sauna.
Sweating can discharge heavy metals that take 24 hours to eliminate.
More than 90% of what reaches the surface of the skin is water, but the rest is waste that your body does not need.
Elevated body temperature also affects endocrine, which regulates metabolism, thyroid, adrenaline, ovary, and testicles.
Your oxygen needs will increase to make your lungs more efficient.
You can design your own sauna or choose pre-builts.
For your own design, choose a plan to follow and adjust, pick your wood, find out the size of the room you want, where do you want it to be, ventilation, lighting and heaters using suitable thermal insulation materials.
This is a great opportunity for you if you are convenient.
If not, don\'t despair, you can always buy a kit and take it from there.
You can try the indoor sauna.
Built in kit where you can get everything you need-
Ceiling, walls, panels, etc.
They are finished on both sides and insulated internally.
In addition to the kit, there is also a set of sauna installation instructions \"combine by number \".
It\'s not like there\'s any actual construction.
The outdoor sauna is also relatively simple.
You want a pre-
Sauna suite, or pre-cut
Create a modular sauna. Pre-
There\'s tongue and stuff in the cutting package. and-
Groove cedar board and pre-set for wall and ceilingcut benches.
They also include heaters, doors and accessories.
If you happen to be building outdoors, then you need to make some plans to build an insulated frame on the poured concrete pad.
Industry experts and online experts have helped a lot.
If you have no experience in architecture, then
Modular sauna suite for you.
Let the contractor pour your concrete slab into the dimensions specified in the kit.
Lay out the floor frame and pre-slide from
Wall panels were built on the floor frame.
This is very simple as most manufacturers go out of their way to lock the panels in the appropriate position.
Also, you will have pre-
Assembled benches and pre-hung doors.
The only other thing you need is an electrician to complete the wiring.
You will spend more money on this sauna suit.
Select, select, Select
Are they not grand?
You can take so many routes to enjoy the sauna of your dreams that there is no excuse not to go to the sauna?
See you in the sauna!
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