Tradition and innovation coexist in the continuous improvement of the food tins forward dynamic | | industry can factory

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Now, people life rhythm is speeding up. Especially lunch, more people will choose fast food such as fast food. In this context, food tins also ushered in the faster development. According to related statistics, China's food tins of food market scale is the scale of up to 500 billion. This huge market also led to the demand for food tins huge bottles. In the past, food tins food bottle packaging mainly in the form of glass jar and tinplate cover this kind of packing is given priority to. Such packaging is still relatively popular in the market now. Metal cans for food tins of food packaging, has a unique advantage. Comprehensive cost is higher, but the metal packaging of this kind of food consumption are growing fast, looking for a new packaging materials is particularly important. In recent years, some new type of meat food tins packaging forms, such as soft food tins, make consumer process becomes more convenient, more attractive to consumers, to a large extent expanded food tins development space, provides a new opportunity for development of meat products processing industry. However, as the changes of The Times. People also to the requirement of food tins bottle is constantly changing. This glass canned food tins of food bottles on the one hand, it is very thick, people in or out field trip is not convenient to carry, but we all know that food tins have a lot of time out exactly what people are in use. On the other hand is tinplate cover food packaging GuanPing although sealing is extremely high. But not easy to open, especially some strength little lady open very laborious. Now, new plastic cans on the market products bottles, tins for PET material, very light. Use easy pull cover and at the same time outside, in the form of block combination on the open and more convenient. It should be said that in the future there will be more and more food tins bottle in the form of plastic cans. Meat food tins for the requirement of the packaging materials and containers which the choice of packaging materials and containers must meet the requirements of general food packaging. At the same time, due to the particularity of food tins, Which have long storage period, keep the meat original features such as color, aroma, taste, and more convenient to eat) , the packaging materials and containers as well as some special requirements. 1. Material and container itself is non-toxic, tasteless, does not produce harmful substances after contact with built-in objects; 2. Have good barrier property, sealing performance, prevent the infiltration of oxygen oxidation, adverse effects on the meat; 3. Minimal moisture permeability material, avoid meat water exchange with the outside world environment, the impact on their quality; 4. Able to block the light transmission, avoid light to keep the meat quality and flavor of requirements; 5. Good corrosion resistance, to guarantee the meat flavor of the soup in the tins don't react with spoiled or produce harmful substances; 6. Has certain mechanical strength, good force mouth packing operation process features such as layout, printing eligibility, to adapt to the needs of industrial production and packaging decoration printing needs.
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