Trends of packaging design in 2020

by:Changda     2020-06-17
Product packaging design directly affects consumers' purchasing decisions. Good packaging is an important part of promoting sales. Food packaging is no exception. Working closely with many customers in the food industry, We continue to create new packaging designs to help our customers improve holiday foods, snack foods, meat and dairy products, other processed foods, ready-to-eat foods, and more. An important part of food packaging design is to maintain the shelf life of the food, which helps reduce food waste. 1. Packaging design concept Spoilage from packaging accounts for 20 percent of all food waste, according to the institute. As the quality of our diet improves, we should consider various strategies in order not to waste food. One strategy to reduce food waste is to create a package that extends the shelf life of all foods. Tinplate packaging has become an important trend because it keeps food fresh and lasts longer. 2. Selection of packaging materials Even when packaging is designed to prevent food waste, the packaging itself is wasteful. Consumers are increasingly concerned about what goes into their food and how it is packaged. In addition, concerns about the environment and how our lifestyles are affecting the earth and atmosphere have led more and more consumers to change the way they buy based on the packaging of products. Using more environmentally friendly packaging materials and reducing excessive packaging are key trends that shape food packaging design. Companies are actively taking further steps to analyze and optimize their transportation and production methods to reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain. Whether packaging for tea or cosmetics, design is shifting towards lighter materials to reduce environmental impact. 3. Reusable packaging design The shift to sustainability means that packaging goes beyond that. One of the common trends in sustainable packaging materials is to create packaging that can be reused for other purposes when it is no longer needed for packaging purposes. For example, delicate tea canisters are made into a beautiful flowerpot. For more information on packing, please contact us here!
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