tv dinner trays and lunchboxes modeled after myplate

by:Changda     2020-06-15
After the introduction of a new dietary guide in the United States, meals may become more dispersed and resume the popularity of TV dinners and lunch boxes.
A week after first lady Michelle Obama and the US Department of Agriculture announced the new food icon MyPlate, a manufacturer of stainless steel lunch boxes is promoting their product equivalent to lunch time.
MyPlate was created to make it easier for consumers to have visual tips and replace the long term
Standing food pyramid icon as a 19-year diet guide in the United States.
Inspired by a TV tray and Japanese bento, PlanetBox is a stainless steel portable lunch box designed for children.
Like my plate, the container is split into neat compartments designed to eliminate speculation about building a healthy meal.
The proportion of cereals, fruits, vegetables, proteins and dairy products is roughly the same as MyPlate.
At the peak of the latest economic crisis, American consumers were brown.
According to a report by market research firm NPD Group 2008, they prefer to pack lunches than ever before.
Analysts found that working-day lunches increased from 35 bagged lunches per person in 2006 to 38 in 2007.
In these figures, the researchers found adult males and whites
White-collar workers are the most diligent in packing lunch, mainly for economic or health reasons.
But the brown lunch is not what it used to be.
The lunch \"bag\" has become more complex, innovative and secular, inspired by a TV dinner tray, a Japanese lunch box and an Indian Garmin set ---
Multi-layer stainless steel stackable tank--
This encourages the Brown and loose people to stop eating ordinary ham and cheese sandwiches.
Neat compartments can also help consumers make food as required by the dietary guide.
PlanetBox offers a range of products including handbags and dipper containers for international sales in Canada, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Qatar.
A basic set is sold online for $34. 95 (€24)
The whole set is $59. 95 (€41).
Shipping charges are not included.
Amazon also sells a layered Garmin suit between $24. 99 (€17)and $34. 99 (€24).
In American notebook computer lunch also for sale lunch box, bisphenol a, phthalate salt and PVC-free.
The lunch box is $27. 99 (€19)
They are shipped International.
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