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by:Changda     2021-04-02
Guangdong candy tin box manufacturer-wedding candy tin box packaging design elements

The tin box packaging industry has continued to grow in recent years, and now there are more and more demand and applications for tinplate boxes, and the Spring Festival wedding candy has also entered the ranks of tin box packaging. So what are the design elements of the wedding candy tin box packaging? The editor of Mai's Can Industry will give you an introduction.

1. Pattern elements

The composition element is an important part of the packaging design of the wedding candy tin box, which is mainly to form a complete picture of the combination of trademarks, graphics, text, and colors displayed on the outer packaging of the wedding candy tin box. In addition to product quality, excellent production technology and credible quality assurance, a good product also needs a good packaging design. The packaging design of the Xitang Iron Box also includes the development of graphic visual design and materials. Therefore, no matter what form of wedding candy packaging is developed and produced, it is necessary to pay attention to the harmony and unity between the graphic design part and the product, so as to reflect the beauty of the wedding candy tin box design.

2. Form factor

The appearance elements of the wedding candy tin box include two aspects: the shape of the tin box and the shape of the container. This is the shape of the wedding candy tin box packaging display. There are three aspects of size, size and shape. There are three shapes of wedding candy tin boxes that we often see in our daily lives, namely square, rectangular and heart-shaped. Therefore, when designing the wedding candy tin box packaging, the shape of the packaging should be designed according to the needs of customers to meet the needs of the market. Nowadays, there are more diversified designs incorporated, and consumers are more interested in the novelty of alien shapes, and the peculiar visual form can also leave a deep impression on people. Therefore, when designing the wedding candy tin box packaging, you must first be familiar with the characteristics and emotions of the form elements themselves, so that you can combine the features of the product's own functions according to the form of the packaging box design, and combine the various elements in a reasonable and organic manner, and strive to be unified Design image.

3. Material elements

The material element of the wedding candy tin box packaging is the packaging material displayed after the product, which mainly depends on the surface texture and texture of the material used. The quality of the iron material will also affect the visual and tactile effects of the wedding candy packaging. Through the surface changes and surface shapes of different materials, the wedding candy tin box packaging can achieve good results. Material elements are an important part of choosing the wedding candy tin box packaging design, which directly affects the overall function, economic cost and production of the wedding candy tin box packaging. There are many problems in processing, printing and packaging recycling.

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