wedding favor gift box ideas

by:Changda     2020-06-11
Your wedding is a very special day for you.
So you want everything to look gorgeous and the wedding is no exception.
Instead of putting them on the table at the reception, you want to put them in the wedding gift box.
However, you are not sure what wedding gift box you want, so you need some ideas for wedding gift boxes.
Before choosing a wedding gift box, the first thing you should consider is the size of the guest tables at the reception and how they are decorated.
For example, if you have a small table, you certainly don\'t want a big gift box because you want the guest to be comfortable.
When it comes to the appearance of the wedding gift box, they should match the decoration on the table.
For example, if the decorations on the table are all white, you should find the wedding gift box to add.
The next thing you should consider when choosing a wedding gift box is the wedding gift itself.
If you have a chocolate wedding, it is important not to put them in the box as they may melt.
Yes, you can put the boxes in the fridge, but they may melt at the reception.
Smaller wedding gifts are best used with wedding gift boxes.
When paired with a wedding gift like a ballpoint pen, the wedding gift box looks particularly beautiful.
Once you have selected the size and color of the box, you need to figure out how you want to wrap the box.
Some creative people like to wrap their own boxes, but now is the time --
So most people choose to have professionals packing boxes.
It\'s important to note that the ribbon is not the stick
Better on the bow because of the stick
Things on the bow fall off before they get to reception.
For more ideas on what wedding gift box you should choose, please consult your family and friends.
After all, they will be guests at the wedding and you want them to love the way the wedding looks!
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