What about the minimum order quantity of best lunch containers in Changda?
It depends. When there are inventories of best lunch containers , the minimum order quantity could be lower than the normal setting. Otherwise, the figure may be as high as we set on the official website. However, this is negotiable within a certain range. What you should do is to contact us, let us know your demand and your requirements, and get what your quote and minimum order quantity. We would make every effort to satisfy you and to achieve a win-win between us.

Hangzhou Changda Can Tool Co., Ltd. always leads the peak in cosmetic packaging wholesale field. The tin tray is one of the main products of Changda. The product features small friction power consumption. Due to the small contact area for the friction pair, combining with semi-fluid lubrication or boundary lubrication, the friction power is very small. This product is widely used for packaging food, gifts, tea, cosmetics, and electronic products. Changda values the innovation and development of metal tin containers which attracts more and more customers. This product has the advantage of waterproofness.

Taking tin ball as its mission will lead Changda to its right way. Inquiry!
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