What are the advantages of tinplate cans? _Canning

by:Changda     2021-03-15

 With the continuous improvement of the Chinese economy, the quality and packaging of products have become more stringent. High-end carton packaging products are especially popular in the year. Many high-end products will cost more than the product price. Packaging costs are generally like liquor. , Biscuits, candies, high-end products that are most afraid of sunlight and humidity, are fragile and easy to catch fire, so they must use thicker 'double gray paper' to wrap one layer after another, which causes high packaging costs. Then many food companies have transformed to use tinplate cans. The packaging of tinplates is moisture-proof and prevents high temperature, sunlight, bacteria, pressure, and other natural changes. However, the high-end can packaging machine is affordable. So, what are the advantages of tinplate cans? Today, let our tinplate can manufacturer come to explain it to us!   Why is tinplate so popular now?   Nowadays, whether it is a supermarket, many small shops, or even boutiques, there are many tin packagings, such as moon cake tin packaging, tea tin packaging, candy tin packaging and so on. More and more manufacturers are using tinplate packaging, whether it is food, gifts or various cosmetics.   tinplate cans, the material is environmentally friendly. It combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solderability and beautiful appearance of tin in a single material. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength and good ductility. Originally tinplate has characteristics and advantages, but we are much better than others in terms of the original material. Opacity and good sealing. The closed system of tinplate cans is completely isolated from environmental factors. The color-preventing food will deteriorate due to light, oxygen and moisture, and will not become weaker due to aroma penetration or be polluted by environmental odors. The stability of food storage is better than that For other packaging materials, the preservation rate of vitamin C is the highest, and the preservation of nutrients is also the best.   There is a layer of food-grade ink in the tinplate, which also has considerable protection for our food. The surface printing inks used in tinplate are environmentally friendly, which can be directly in contact with food and is harmless to the body. Food-grade inks can pass US FDA testing, SGS testing, etc., and can be directly in contact with food. Children can eat with ease and adults can rest assured!
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