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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tea packaging way the impression of you is still in previous packaging impression? Before most of the packaging of tea is estimated to be ceramic or wood or plastic or paper for packaging, but in recent years, with the expanding of consumer demand for products, the more tall iron boxes crammed into our field of vision, more and more people are beginning to use iron boxes for packaging of tea. This way of tea tin box packaging have what advantage? 1, the power of the brand. The tea to the forever forever, best can build its own brand. Packed in iron boxes to tea after customers buy home generally will not tin box away, are has used to store other things, so can your brand impression, conducive to the building of the brand. 2, the cost is low. If do a batch of iron boxes amount to tens of thousands of yuan price is five or six at most ten thousand yuan, ten thousand yuan but five or six order other such as number of carton can only reach a few thousand. 3, printing. The tea tin box by beautiful, beautifully printed. Tea tin box packaging more and more popular, its advantage is also very much, more and more tea factory is willing to come to choose iron boxes to enhance the value of the product packaging.
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