What can old food cans do?

by:Changda     2020-06-17
Don't throw away metal food cans. Take the common metal cans for example. Usually, we throw away empty cans. Use your imagination and your hands. Cans of all sizes have many USES. If you want, you can even use it for crafts. 1 make into. Storage containers The most obvious use is that it is designed to be a container. You can hold almost anything in a tin can, such as water, food, sand, gadgets, stationery, and so on. Using a wire, a knife, a small hammer, and a piece of metal or nail, make two small holes in the side of the jar. 2. Simple cutting tool made of iron can seal As it is metal, cutting tools can be made of this material. You can sharpen the edges of the lid to form a sharp cutting tool. You can bend part of it to make a blunt end to maintain its own cutting effect, or you can mount it on a piece of wood. 3. Water filter, florets It can also be used as a sprinkler by making holes in the bottom; Or make small flower trays (make a small hole in the bottom of the tin, fill it with dirt, and plant flowers) 4. Make ornaments
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