What design knowledge can we learn from the 2018

by:Changda     2020-06-18
Before customizing holiday box packaging, we go through every possible channel to gain insight into packaging trends, including examining elements of holiday food packaging annually. This will not only help us evaluate the best sales data, but also determine our packaging design as the holidays approach. Despite the impact of online shopping on sales, the holiday trading season remains one of the most important times of the retail year. This is a great opportunity for a brand to assert its short-term image and, by using more colorful and exciting packaging, to stand out from its peers and inspire customer purchase and loyalty. Gift packaging for different festivals needs to be provided with different packaging background colors. We study domestic and international packaging trends to discover the latest styles, colors and points of sale of packaging. These factors are then used as a reference to guide the texture and pattern of our packaging design. 1. Colors and patterns Our holiday color wheel shows that red is still consumers' favorite holiday color. However, when we compare the trends between standard and premium branded personal products, the palettes vary considerably. Standard grade products tend to use red and traditional snowflake patterns, while premium products tend to use darker colors (gray, navy and dark purple) with subtle dot patterns to suggest snow or stars for a more sophisticated look. This two-tier approach persists when it comes to photography. Core own-label product photography is usually done at three-quarters of an Angle, with warm tones and soft backgrounds. However, quality products are often photographed from above, resulting in a pleasant feel, with shadows and darker tones. Not & other; Cheap and cheerful. It's much more attractive. 2. Themes vary, but the most popular are: A. Green, giving people a sense of nature B. Pure color, pure luxury: bold and dramatic, yet simple and minimal; Fonts are direct and unpolished, while finishes can be metallic C. Folk patterns: interesting and friendly ways, very suitable for children; Creative patterns give a traditional feel
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