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by:Changda     2020-06-15
For more than a decade, the packaging and decoration of moon cakes, the media publicity, or? & other; Eat moon cakes at Mid-Autumn Festival. All of them contain historical legends and folk rumors, and also highlight the cultural charm of poems, books and paintings. A unique moon cake tin box package is favored by major moon cake brands. When many customers communicate with the moon cake tin box manufacturer for quotation, the manufacturer will mention that the price of different iron boxes is different. Specific data of iron boxes are needed to give a more reasonable quotation. Which ones are needed to calculate the price of an iron box? The following are some factors that influence the price reference. 1. Number of customized iron boxes for mooncake; The printing cost of a small number of customized products is relatively high, because the minimum printing moQ is not reached, and will be charged according to the minimum standard, so the number of customized products is small, then the average cost will be higher. On the contrary, the more the quantity of customized iron box, the lower the cost. 2. Thickness of customized iron box; The thickness of sheet metal will affect the cost, the thicker the material the higher the cost; Customers can choose the appropriate thickness of iron sheet according to their own needs. The thickness of iron box of mooncake on the market is generally between 0.23 and 0.35. 3. The printing process requirements of moon cake tin boxes. The cost of using convex carved boxes is higher than that of general printing, because there is an additional process in the printing process, which increases the labor cost and machine cost. 4. For the shape of iron box of moon cake, the cost of conventional mould, such as square, rectangle and circle, is lower than that of special-shaped mould, because the production process of iron box of conventional shape is relatively simple and the labor cost is lower. So the conventional shape of the cake tin box is cheaper than the abnormal-shaped one.
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