What factors influence the moon cake tin box custom cost?

by:Changda     2020-07-16
More than a decade, the moon cake packaging decoration, media propaganda, or? “ Throughout the Mid-Autumn festival to eat moon cakes &; Such as there is a historical legends and folk hearsay, also highlight the cultural charm of poetry, books, painting, customize a unique moon cake tin box packaging by major brands. Many customers at the time of communication with the moon cake tin box manufacturers offer, manufacturers will be mentioned that the price of different tin box it is different, need to give a tin box specific data to give a reasonable quotation, what is needed to check the price of a tin box? Here are some factors influencing the price reference. 1. The number of custom moon cake tin box; Customize the less quantity, the printing cost is higher, because did not meet the minimum quantity of printing printing, also can charge according to minimum standards, so make to order the number of less, so the average cost will be a little too high. Conversely, the greater the amount of custom tin box lower cost. 2. Customize the thickness of the tin box; Sheet metal material thickness will affect the cost, the thicker the material cost is higher; Customers can choose according to their own needs suitable thickness of sheet metal, the general thickness of moon cake tin box on the market are zero. 23 ~ 0. During the period of 35. 3. Moon cake tin box printing process requirements, adopting protruding carving box than the cost of using general printing, because the printing process on a process with more, increase the manpower cost and machine cost. 4. The shape of a moon cake tin box, conventional such as square, rectangle, circular mould cost is lower than the mould, because conventional tin box in the shape of production process is simple, low labor costs. So conventional in the shape of moon cake tin box cheaper than abnormity.
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