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by:Changda     2020-06-18
In commodity marketing, product packaging is a major link, is the silent salesman of the goods. A delicate iron box packaging design needs not only a good eye, but also a designer's professional level, so the design of a delicate packaging from the following aspects. 1. Be clear and concise When shopping in a mall or supermarket, select random shelves and browse through some products. Go through each question and ask yourself two very simple questions: What is this product for? What is the brand behind it? A good example of simple, clear but highly unique packaging design. You'll be amazed at how difficult it is to find answers to some basic questions in less than four seconds, the maximum time the average consumer will devote to any particular product on the shelf. You'll find that the product lists a dozen benefits without a clear brand name. You'll find products that look great on the outside but don't explain what's in the box. You may even find that the cleaning products in the package are more suitable for children's juices. This is a bad example! This cleaning product looks dangerous, don't you think? This packaging design may confuse consumers and fail to provide clarity. While certain product categories allow for some mystery (think perfume and luxury), failing to identify a product in terms of content, usage, or brand recognition is a horrible thing to do, and often results in a poor packaging design in the store. So remember the first rule: Identify the product, identify the brand. 2. The good faith Beginners of packaging design, I'm talking about clients and designers, often trying to portray products in the most perfect way. They'll show a cookie soaked in chocolate when you're actually buying a simple chocolate-flavored cookie. They will display rich, fresh cherries on fruit yogurt with little fruit content. By portraying the product as 10 times better than it actually is, you mislead consumers and end up disappointing them, which only leads to poor sales and a poor brand image. The product may taste good, but the packaging is clearly misleading. More packaging compared to the real food on this site. That's where the honesty comes in. Consumers have no interest in simple, cheap products as long as they know what they are buying! Of course, they expect to to some extent. Facial promotion. But not to the extent that the product looks completely different. As a designer, your job is to represent the product as best as possible, but remember that the consumers you include should be treated correctly. 3. The authenticity Creativity, character and memorability are at the heart of great brands, as well as good packaging design. It's easy to see why - there are hundreds of products out there, all vying for consumers' attention. The only way to make a brand stand out is to be different and authentic. Because this is really a question of creativity and exploration, it is impossible to provide information about how. True & throughout; Advice, especially when faced with countless brands, looks and appeal. If you stick to a generic packaging design, the application is powerful. Visual standards. A rare design style. For example, if everyone is doing product photography, use illustrations or type-based designs. If everyone USES a horizontal layout, a vertical layout is achieved. If most designs are quite modern, try introducing something retro, focusing on the high end to be bold and different, and considering other product categories for unexpected sources of inspiration - spiritual label design can be a great way to brainpower new chocolate packaging projects. 4. Influence of commodity display From the shopper's point of view, the product has never been seen before and has never been so detailed. Because of the viewing distance of the shelves and the fact that products are arranged in rows and columns, what we see is a veritable pattern of products. It was not until a pattern caught our attention that we decided to study it closely. This uniqueness and attractiveness is what retailers call when the product is placed on the actual shelf. Shelf impact. And it makes a huge difference in terms of product sales. This is what you actually see in the supermarket. Which product first caught your attention? You need to test and explore shelf impact in the design. You can do this by mimicking the location of the design on the actual shelf and surrounding it with other products (for best results, use multiple rows and columns for each product). The more unique it looks, the better it sells. Note: you'll be surprised at the results - sometimes the best looking designs simply blend in and become invisible, while simpler designs are in this environment. Popular throughout the &; . 5. Scalability The product packaging design concept should allow easy introduction of new product lines (product changes) or sub-brands. For example, suppose you are creating a package for a new brand of apple juice. You and your customers choose specific Apple designs that look great. However, after a few months, the client decided to introduce cherry flavor under the same brand name. Good packaging design allows for easy variation without losing visual appeal. To your dismay, you realize that the original design concept you created was largely dependent on apple to work, and cherries won't look that good. In addition, cherries convey some benefits on the front panel, which goes against your grain. You have scalability issues. To avoid this, you should always consider future product packaging. This means creating a visually systematized design that can easily change the product vision or other information, resulting in a beautiful product line. 6. Practical Practicality involves the actual shape, size and function of the product container, not just the label or the package. The more practical the product, the more sales --; In most cases, how to make products easier to use, carry or store. Many packaging designs can be solved by practicality.
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