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by:Changda     2020-06-22
Candy tin, tin box manufacturers are generally oil. Common tin surface oil with light oil, the oil. Light oil, is a kind of synthetic resin, and now the light oil is usually refers to the surface of a transparent varnish, composed of basic material and additives such as working together, do not add any pigment, after the film glossy, commonly known as varnish, light oil with UV light oil and PU two points of light oil. Is used in manufacturing candy cans UV light oil. The effect of light oil can also be divided into two kinds: 1. As a transparent protection paint, its hardness and wear-resisting performance is more than paint, candy tin can use light oil can protect; 2. As paint, feel more than better luminosity and brightness, the touch and feel much better, light oil can make the color more bright-coloured bright eye candy jar. The oil is relatively light oil, the oil product compared with light oil products, because of its rough let tin friction resistant effect better, also can better protect lewd lacquer to prevent scratches, prevent candy cans from shadow, etc.
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