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by:Changda     2020-06-22
On the market a lot of tea can not only have certain collection value, can also be treated as reusable packaging recycling for many times, as the tea packaging tin box, compared with other packing material is more conform to the hygiene standards, to save resources to reduce pollution at the same time, more carry forward the Chinese tea culture. To design a good tea tins packaging, design team must has understanding of tea culture itself, with products have a certain understanding is the most essential thing that designers need to be. Very good tea pot must guarantee the quality of the tea itself is installed inside, can't let its produce metamorphism. To do design is as good as it gets out of the caddy, must fully understand the characteristics and influenced the stability of the tea tea, cause bad factors, according to these features to choose more appropriate material as the tea packaging. At the same time, different tea varieties, bearing the weight of the historical and cultural connotation of different regional and local characteristics, in order to do product visual performance on the outer packing, only through a deeper research. China is the hometown of tea, tea culture has a long history and goes back to ancient times. In daily life, drinking tea is a traditional way of leisure, corresponding, tea packaging, tea utensils should be dignified and elegant, reflect a certain grade. So a good tea tins, should at least have the following four aspects: features: one, the tea is China's history, so as the outer packing of the tea, must with the relative national color or with a production history and culture, promote the production and consumption of both cultural resonate, convenient to better promote consumption. Two, tea can guide the people-to-people and cultural exchanges, so when designing the tea pot is should attach great importance to the feelings of consumers and vision, make the packaging more humanization. Columns such as people's & other Good luck & throughout; Have a deep emotional pursuit, can design & other In extremely good fortune & throughout; Apply to the tin gift tea package. Three, tea bud like the girl, not dew, daydream making a person. Implicit connotation is tea of a kind of beauty, in order to reflect implicit, can carving various tea on tea caddy, elegant shape and attractive rinsing tea to dense forests, mountains, surrounded by mist, etc; Four, tea, the artistic conception, so the design of the tea tin can emphasize the artistic conception. Can by using folk customs in the works of calligraphy and painting has a long history of the brand products, to create a tea as the artistic conception of history, commodity picture, that bring the unique history of dinner, not the same as the Chinese ancient culture.
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