What principles should be followed in the design

by:Changda     2020-06-17
Product packaging and marketing is inseparable, packaging is the first impression of consumers contact with the product, packaging design on the exquisite, to a large extent, directly affects the product sales. Good packaging design from the customer's point of view, understand the customer's desire and needs; The requirement of cost and practicality will have an important influence on the packaging design. The following points should be followed when designing iron box packaging: 1. Appearance level of packaging First of all, as a good packaging, the designer must understand the customer's real needs for the product. For example, in the case of gift packaging, consumers may pay more attention to the grade of the product packaging and choose the size of the packaging according to the purpose of the gift. The gift to the lover may be very delicate and avoid too large volume, while the gift to the general guest or favor a slightly larger package. Some products are used to highlight the honor and status of consumers, the market tinplate packaging materials to meet the noble and curious psychology of consumers. 2. The cost of packaging If it is fast moving consumer goods that consumers need for a long time, consumers will not want to pay more for packaging. There is also a case that the packaging is expected to simplify, because some packaging consumers will think that it is a pity to throw away, do not throw away and take up space, the most typical is the tea can packaging. Packaging is used to reflect the value of the product, rather than weaken the value of the product means, too high grade or too low grade packaging will weaken the value of the product, so we must figure out the cost of packaging customers are willing to bear for the product. 3. Convenience of packaging The self-weight of a package, the degree of easy opening of the package, the convenience of carrying the package and so on, will influence the purchase decision made by consumers. The expected packaging of consumers often implies the convenience of consumption. In the past, many plastic packaging had to be opened with the help of teeth or scissors, but now most of such packaging has a small mouth, which can be opened with a simple pull, which is the convenience considering the demand. 4. Packaging label design Careful consumers will find that many of today's packages are no longer just simple words or patterns, and often a package that is easy to impress customers is always illustrated. Such as & other; Mong tsai & throughout; The cartoon figure of milk and the can body. Look again and drink me up. The text of, consumer saw flourishing cartoon modelling to already felt happy, see this again sensational advertisement language, how can not conveniently take a can to drink? For example, some products containing history and humanity (the iron box of moon cake packaging is shown in the picture above) often contain beautiful words, the power of words is enough to lead consumers' thoughts in a moment. When the packaging of a product can use graphics or text to communicate with consumers, or lead them to go, the packaging of the product is undoubtedly very successful.
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