What standards are followed during metal serving tray production?
Quality comes first. To ensure the quality of metal serving tray , manufacturers should and must strictly obey regulations throughout the whole production process. Every production step should be conducted following the industry rules and international standard. Just as many manufacturers in the market, Hangzhou Changda Can Tool Co., Ltd. is also a law-abiding company. Led by a reasonable and remarkable corporate culture, we have been operating a highly-efficient business by strictly complying with the international quality standard. This has helped us win a larger customer base and increasing popularity across the world.

The business of Changda is thriving now. The tin lunch boxes is one of the main products of Changda. Changda stationery box is developed according to the basic law of the construction of machines, including the drive system, operate and control system, and the supporting device working principle. This product provides an easy way for people to pick up what they need. The product is non-toxic and causes no harm. All of its parts and ingredients are made of nontoxic and environmental-friendly raw materials, including filter membrane, and the Nanosilver antibacterial powder used in it. This product can ensure a healthy and hygienic packaging.

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