Where can I manufacturer of customized gift tin - Tin case processing factory

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Now packaging materials have a variety of gifts, each material has its own characteristics. Tin case processing factory can produce customized gift tins say? The advantage of tinplate cans and what? 1, that we want to know what material is used in the gift tins? Gift tins generally use tinplate material, the use and development of tinplate packaging products, should be combined with the printing and processing characteristics of sheet metal to improve, develop and enrich the tin box structure modelling, it is a feasible method. And combining with the characteristics of tin processing, to embody the characteristics of the image, the characteristics of the modelling of content structure innovation, ease of use, safety, and must also be considered to achieve product and packaging model, content, harmony of the consumers' consumption psychology, give full play to the function of packaging is the development trend of packaging development. 2, in daily life, the search of gift tins keywords, appear all sorts of the shape of a tin can, but will find that the design of the special gift tins than ordinary gift tins of more innovative design, the price will be relatively expensive, why? Mainly because of special gift tins in the manufacturing process is very exquisite, it is difficult to stamping, lead to cost rise, so the price will be high. 3, in addition, the tin case is more environmental protection, because it can be recycled, and accord with the requirement of domestic, have the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. Moreover, if tin cans are empty cans in the natural environment, seven years later, it will naturally exposed to the wind and rain, shattered into soil or by oxidation. Because of tinplate cans have such advantages, so a lot of gifts companies choose tin case as gift tin can, where can manufacturer of customized gift tins? In baiyun district and the town has such a tin box, tin box factory, it is called cans, mainly exported to the United States, Europe and around the world. Products covered by the tin tin box, food box, tea pot, biscuit boxes, boxes of chocolate, and so on, obtained the ISO9001:2015 and QS, CIO, the FDA and other domestic and international certification, and through the Disney, wal-mart, Coca-Cola and other international brands and SEDEX, BSCI inspection, products comply with food grade and material such as Europe, America, China safety standards.
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