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by:Changda     2020-06-22
Now China's economic and manufacturing gradually towards the comprehensive change, purification, overall optimization, comprehensive promotion period. In this period of packaging production enterprises will face what, will go? Now, the packing industry should pay attention to what? Industry now only focus on market development, into the market, into the enterprise, to get the actual status of the current industry market development. Enterprises to adapt to the new changes of the market, also must have a new development idea and a new development direction, only in this way, enterprises can really survive in this market reshuffle. For now big market environment, the enterprise to achieve its goal of sustainable development, and must understand the actual situation of the enterprise itself, investigating the development direction of industry market, response to the overall demand of market development, open new markets, new areas, the most suitable for enterprise itself development road. And now the development of China's packaging industry market rule and corresponding development process, is the constant shuffling packaging plant, industry began to focus, mergers between companies, backward eliminated by a large number of enterprises. Evolution of backward production capacity, the enterprise will be more and more big, the bigger will be better and better, and better able to better survive in the shuffle of enterprise is outstanding enterprises, these enterprises will go advanced manufacturing industry, China's industrial manufacturing of 2025 for the road ahead. No weak market, only do not comply with the market of backward technology and enterprise management, technical quality, the higher the market the more heat in short supply, there is no technical content, there is no good quality product is the inventory, this is excess capacity. Packaging industry is not so much the product in supporting industries, but rather a force in the industry product sales. Packaging printing belongs to service industry, service industry market has no boundaries, the value is infinite. The actuality of packaging enterprise, all in the same starting line, once who can take the lead in opening up a new market, who has the pricing power of product packaging, GeZuoQuan joint research and development, the various value is no method to estimate, as now the patient hospital, someone will care about the price can do. Enterprise development must live in the present moment, positive in the face of new market change, be good at mining seize new field, new markets, with new ideas, new technology and equipment, persistence, attention, specialization, and stronger. Where does that leave whether the development of packaging industry? In fact, this path has been placed in the enterprise own!
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