white wine in winter: lioco\'s \'winter whites\' gift box

by:Changda     2020-06-12
Do wine and food lovers need a quick gift?
LIOCO, a highly acclaimed Sonoma winery co-founded by former Spago sommelier Kevin O\'Conner and wine lover Matt lykard, assembled a gift box,
Two bottles of white in a wooden box.
Their 2011 pinobank and 2011 Russian River Chardonnay, as well as 1.
5 pounds of corn porridge from Community Grains and an ounce of Botox from Funghi in the far west for $85.
I bet any chef will love this gift box, especially since it includes O\'Connor\'s own recipe \"grilled guinea hen full of chopped scallions, oranges and rat plums\" with beef liver bacteria and cream corn porridge.
\"It\'s a long recipe title, but the taste sounds like it\'s a good match for wine. (
Can someone tell you where you can find a guinea hen? )
Although red wine may be an obvious choice for drinking in cold weather, some serious wines will be attracted to white people in winter.
O\'Connor is one of them, which is why he put this \"Winter White gift box\" together.
\"If this option is not for your liking, you can get the\" hen of the forest \"gift at the same price, \"It includes a bottle of LIOCO 2011 Indica Carignan from mendoxino County and black Pino from the 2011 Sonoma Coast, as well as Funghi wild dried mushrooms and far west
For the Pinot lover on your list, consider the \"red on the edge\", a bottle of each of the three single people
Black wine vineyard
2011 Klindt, 2011 Hirsch and 2011 Michaud-
In a wooden box, $165.
To order online, visit the website or email message @ liocowine. com.
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