Who know the joyful box where to have sell? Sweet what are the material of packaging?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Sweet box where have to sell, can buy a small amount of the stores or supermarkets can buy, if it is need to mass customization, can find factory. Metal products co. , LTD. , professional, the custom and joyful is direct manufacturers and joyful packing box. Before buying and joyful box, we need to know what are joyful packaging material? Choose a different material to the effect that gives a person is not the same. Joyful packaging material has: 1, the traditional paper box but the demand is higher, the paper novel design also is lovely. Such sweet box affordable, conform to the tastes of all ages. 2, joyful iron boxes and joyful box made of tin tin box, the color and design will be more rich, its visual and tactile effect is very good, can give customers with novel, characteristic and other different feelings. Sweet tin box can also be recycled. 3, the cloth skill to choose all kinds of patterns of yarn, satin material. Such sweet box is new, and moderate price. 4, use all kinds of bamboo and rattan products used for packaging decoration and joyful. Such sweet natural, chic style box, interesting. 5, floral floral joyful candy packaging mainly use all kinds of silk, paper, gauze and PE material cost, such sweet packaging fashion, romantic, can foil more out of the atmosphere of the wedding. Common joyful candy packaging material has the above several, you can choose according to his be fond of. Now know sweet box where to have sell? Can factory is your first choice of factories, specializing in the production of tinplate cans, tin box manufacturers, for cosmetics, daily necessities, health care products, food, tea pot, gifts series, and other products series, metal packaging customization service, huizhou owns two production bases, the monthly output of 500 w, have perfect production operations at the same time, sales team and r&d team, to provide one-stop customized service.
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