why and how to use silicone ice cube trays

by:Changda     2020-06-14
Why replace plastic tray with silicone ice tray?
How to choose different
Ice cubes of different drinks.
In the past few years, silicone has become one of the new kitchen materials.
Changes from non-silicone
Adhesive coatings, plastics and other materials are manufactured for several reasons.
In the ice cube tray, silicone is used because, while it is as flexible as rubber, it lasts longer and is better able to withstand extreme temperatures.
It is also not easy to dye and absorb the smell, taste and color of liquids such as rubber or plastic.
So if you want to make a drink with a cherry or grape juice ice tray, clean
Up will be easy if you use a silicone ice cube tray.
Another advantage of silicone is that whatever you buy can be made in bright colors.
So if you have one©For example, with your wet bar, you are more likely to find the ice cube tray color suitable for this color scheme.
One important reason for change is health. related.
With several toxins found in some plastics, people become very vigilant and want to know the harm of using this material.
Silicone has been tested independently in several countries and it is considered basically inert, which means it will not be like some other non-
Sticks and plastic products are OK. (
The bottom of this hub has a link to the hub for silicone baking purposes. )
Silicone ice trays are easy to use because they are flexible and can be de-iced by twisting the tray between the two hands, just like you do with plastic ice cube trays.
Whether you like small or large cubes, your choice is easy as there are multiple sizes to choose from.
They usually cost between $8. 00 and $20.
00, depending on how much is provided, their size and place of sale.
While you can use ice cubes of any size, the difference is
Cubes of size have different suggested uses.
The small cube freeze time is shorter, it is easier to break down in the blender when making smoothies, and cool the drinks faster.
Since cooling drinks faster means ice cubes also add water to drinks faster than larger ice cubes, this size cube is best suited for drinks consumed in about 30 minutes. Larger-
Larger cubes are better for continuous cooling.
The larger the cube, the longer it takes to cool the drink, because it melts much slower than the smaller cube.
However, this also means that it adds water to the drink at a slower rate and lasts longer.
This combination makes it ideal for icing drinks such as iced tea in the afternoon or Scotch whisky in the evening. (
The larger cubes also look neat in the glass. )With the extra-
Big Cube, make sure you know the cube can reach the bottom of the glass.
You don\'t want the cube stuck under the glass.
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