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by:Changda     2020-06-22
, according to the survey for consumer goods, the answer is often more than 90% of consumers are buying site must change the purchase decision, in particular, more than 60% of consumers are mentioned, they eventually buy goods often is not into the mall before going to buy. People at the time of choosing to buy goods, there will be a & other; Seven seconds law & throughout; : in the face of a wide variety of products on supermarket shelves, just 7 seconds, people can determine whether or not they be interested on these products. In this brief is very key to 7 seconds, packaging & ndash; — Trevor? ” 平等自愿> Tin box tin can packaging, this role can reach more than 67%. There are many factors that can influence consumers buy temporarily, but the packaging is affect the purchase of a commodity is a very important factor. Now that the tin box tin packaging can largely determine people's willingness to buy, have the effect of marketing, then tin box packaging in product sales have what effect? First, eye-catching effect, namely the discrimination of packaging. Tin box packaging is to stand out in the category of product shelf, quickly caught the eye of the buyer. Second, the role of conveying information, the packaging of force. Tin box packaging can cause consumers with products of lenovo, can accurately to the buyer within pass product features and benefits obtained after purchase. Third, the role of goodwill, namely the expressive force of packaging. Tin box packaging color is tie-in and element collocation is very harmonious, can give a person with aesthetic feeling and the grade. Good tin box tin can packaging, can be done in the above three aspects not short relatively balanced.
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