Why the tea tin box packing become the trend of The Times | tin box manufacturer tea

by:Changda     2020-06-21
The tea market, thereby tin box tea packaging in the market is just the tip of the iceberg, is often used in high-grade tieguanyin, longjing tea, puer tea, etc. But with tin packages from abroad we can see that foreign products are basically used the tinplate packaging, holiday gifts, food packaging tin box, such as export from China. As the rapid growth of international economy, food, tea consumption to increase, the packaging requirements also began to flourish, tin is a very environmentally friendly materials, can be recycled. Closing the Shanghai world expo, Chinese companies have also seen countries put environmental protection into the heavy position, tea tin box packing also more thriving. In addition to this reason, we choose tea tin box packaging reasons are: the tea tin box have more advantages than other material made of packaging, has strong barrier property, resistance, moisture resistance, shading, coupled with excellent sealing, can better maintain the tea products. Tinplate printing effect is good, design and trademark is very gorgeous, a tea made from iron boxes can attract the attention of everyone, is a high-quality environmental protection packing. Tea tin box can according to customer's different needs as the appearance of things, such as round, square, triangle, not only meet the different needs of the business of tea tin box, and make the tea tin box win the hearts of the vast consumers. Tea tin box packaging in the future use increasingly widespread, outside will be accepted. Tinplate packaging manufacturing cost is low, wooden box, paper box, plastic box of capital is low but seem to be low, use widely, the horse mouth can printing a lot of mass consumption, carry convenience.
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