Why | tin case information: tin industry have minimum quantity?

by:Changda     2020-06-21
Why tin case information: tin industry have minimum quantity? Many customers in the first contact with tin is vacant, took a fancy to a certain product online directly, then to talk about is, this kind of price? Thus it can be seen that does, indeed, there are still a lot of buyers do not understand the tin, tin price is related to many factors, in this article is to introduce & ndash; Tin case information: tin case price influence factors, there are many buyers said that I was able to customize hundreds of tin can? If you really want to spend the money to do, small make up is very supportive, but you do hundreds of tin industry price really is very high, general metal products co. , LTD. , is the minimum quantity of an order for five thousand, the reason is the custom in the tin involves printing and the cost of the mould. Printing: a simple example is that if a piece of tin, can do 5000 tin can, but you as long as 500 tin can, so the printing shop when I was in charge in accordance with the charge for a piece of tinplate printing, equal to you if only do 500 tin can pay 5000 tin printing costs, the cost has increased in this section. Mold: a lot of customers gave size then I said, you according to our size to make, more than ten thousand, but the tin mold fee simple complex 8, if you only order several hundred, open mold fee to tens of thousands of, considering the customers, it is not cost-effective. So metal suggest if you want to customize the tin buyers to order some more or to order some more, because the amount is larger, the price will be much cheaper.
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