Why tinplate cans packaging more and more popular?

by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tinplate cans is usually they say tin, tin box, with the difference between ordinary iron is on the surface of the tin plating a layer of tin. Now in the life of tinplate packaging more and more, such as moon cake box, candy box, tea box, etc. , basically give priority in tinplate cans packaging. Today's request for packing goods but also increase gradually, in order to attract the attention of consumers, multiterminal also changes in the tinplate production into the jar, not only limited in the round, square, heart-shaped, tree now, eggs and so on aliens. And in tinplate cans printed countless patterns, in order to fine. Why tinplate cans packaging more and more popular? In fact, the reason is simple: 1, tinplate cans sealing is very good: tin density is very high, so its blocking light compared to the other packing material, moisture resistance, resistance capability is very superior, can reliably protection products, it also became one of the favorite material 2, tinplate cans is very strong: tin is very strong compared to the other packaging materials, such as paper, it is easy to broken, tin strong rigidity, strong degree is very high, in order to protect the products, so we are willing to choose tin to reduce product damage in transit. 3, the printing is very exquisite: in order to attract the attention of consumers, tin case can also be printed above all sorts of different color design decorative pattern, after a long time, its colour and lustre is still like new. Shapes: 4, tinplate cans can make different shape according to the demand, heart, oval, square, etc. , thus ensuring the diversification of product packaging. 5, tinplate cans production fast: tinplate cans production has a long history, cash production equipment technology has matured, the production efficiency quickly, can solve the manufacturer. 6, environmental protection, tinplate cans can be recycled, after consumers buy home also can DIY into all kinds of necessary or crafts, conform to the modern idea of sustainable development.
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