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by:Changda     2020-06-09
Which of the following words cannot be found in this grid?
Protectsrestoreseliminatesvscplaque biofilmtwelve hoursfresh breathlow abrasionoral rinsetoothpastetoothbrushrecalcifyingultradexperiproductswhiteningoral carethe Award
Winning performance oral care brand UltraDEX offers five lucky readers the chance to win one of its premium gift boxes.
To have a chance to win, complete the word search.
A word in the list above cannot be found in the grid-
Email the word with your name, position and postal address.
UltraDEX bridges the gap between professional care and home care.
UltraDEX, supported by extensive scientific research and powered by stable carbon dioxide, helps prevent dental plaque, restores natural whiteness by lightly oxidized stains and immediately eliminates odor compoundsVSCs)for 12 hours.
The UltraDEX series is non-alcoholic, gluten-free, rough grinding agent and sodium sulfate, which is mild, effective and safe for long-term daily use.
Rinse, toothpaste and spray are approved by the Vegetarian Association and registered with the vegetarian association with Jewish status.
Alcohol is included in each UltraDEX oral hygiene gift box-
Free daily oral rinse, free low SLS
Wear and tear toothpaste, fresh breath mouth spray, tongue cleaning liquid, hyG ion toothbrush, calcium whitening toothpaste and mouth rinse, Dental tape and wires
Free tooth brush.
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